Restoring Democracy to the Judiciary



Our mission is to urge Democrats to restore the integrity of our courts by expanding the size of the lower courts and adding four seats to the Supreme Court after re-gaining control of the White House and Congress, hopefully on January 20, 2021.

Rationale: Democracy cannot function unless courts act as honest brokers, yet Republicans have compromised our judiciary’s integrity through obstructionism, theft and procedural abuse: (1) During the Obama presidency, the GOP blocked more lower court nominees than had been blocked in U.S. history; (2) The GOP stole a Supreme Court seat by refusing to consider Merrick Garland; (3) The GOP relied on procedural abuses, including failing to disclose records and limiting an FBI investigation into allegations of attempted rape, to confirm Justice Kavanaugh.

The motive behind the GOP’s judicial dirty tricks is that Republicans want courts to serve the interests of corporations and the wealthiest elites, and as the judiciary has issued increasingly radical decisions over the past generation, it has shattered the lives of people of color, women, workers, immigrants, victims of gun violence and prisoners.